Create Viral Content for Your Medical Association

It’s no secret – the newest generation of physicians are data-driven in their decision-making and demand more high-quality digital content than ever. Is your association up to the task?

We learned in our last blog that these younger physicians are different from their predecessors: they’re mobile-native, value evidence over both opinion and experience, and are voracious consumers of digital content.  

In fact, Digital Resources Group reports that millennial doctors spend nearly five hours each day utilizing their EHRs, and an additional three hours consulting external digital resources (much of that from their phones).  

To reach this important demographic, medical associations must continually create a steady stream of compelling content, or else your young members will search elsewhere for answers to their questions.

We all know that creating high quality content is challenging and time consuming. How can you repurpose your content to get the most mileage out of your efforts?

There is a unique method you can use to repurpose your content in strategic ways to BOTH decrease time and costs of production and increase engagement and reach across your available channels – it’s called circular viralocity.


This repurposing of content is an idea called “Circular Viralocity,” a term coined by Brendon Burchard. His idea was a simple and effective strategy for posting and reposting specific content on specific platforms at specific times with specific links and specific directives.The way CV works is simple; it is all about creating easily shareable content that can be repurposed and reused across multiple platforms in order to get as much mileage out of it as possible.

How does this benefit your association?

  • Content-creation gets simpler 

  • Reach continues to expand 

  • Saves you time and money

More reach and engagement at a lower cost – it’s really that simple.

To accomplish this all you have to do is follow the CV formula.


To start using this strategy, set a goal for your association. This will serve as your base piece of content for the CV strategy.


Example Goal: Host a Webinar Twice a Month 

A potential idea for this type of content could be a webinar. Webinars allow for in-depth coverage of a topic and can be used in multiple ways. Once it has been decided that a webinar every two weeks is the plan then the Circular Viralocity strategy can be developed.


The CV strategy would look something like this:

  1. Host a live webinar


  2. Upload the recorded webinar to the association’s YouTube channel, Facebook and/or website (wherever it wasn’t originally hosted)


  3. Take 15 minutes of the lecture and turn it into a podcast episode on the Convey App, utilizing the image capability for case discussion on application of the webinar


  4. Get the transcription of the podcast or full webinar and use it for a society blog article on your website


  5. Take cuts of the episode or webinar and use them for short pieces of social media content (remember, young docs use social media to find information)


  6. Pull quotes from the transcription and turn them into Twitter posts and social graphics for social media


  7. Send a newsletter email with a link to the podcast episode and blog article

Just like that, one piece of content has turned into seven potential ways to reach and engage with your members.

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Long-term Benefits

The basic idea is to see how many different ways your association can use a single piece of content to reach new and current members. By getting as much mileage out of content you’re then able to focus on quality over quantity. 

The power of Circular Viralocity is its ability to save your association time and resources without sacrificing the quality of your content and the range of your reach. In fact, when done right, Circular Viralocity can help you reach your members with the expert content they expect but without stretching your association’s time or budget too thin. 

We understand medical associations are busier than ever which can make it difficult to meet the demands of a robust digital strategy. At ConveyMED we focus on helping medical associations create valuable content for their members in a convenient and on-the-go format. 

Learn how the ConveyMED app can help revolutionize your content strategy and be a new source of revenue for your association as well!