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“The NAPLEX Podcast is the first published show dedicated to helping pharmacy students prepare to take and pass the NAPLEX Exam. Each episode of the podcast provides listeners with a thorough review of the pharmacology & pharmacotherapy topics that were taught during the didactic portion of pharmacy school, and I am thrilled to announce that I am the show host.”

-Dr. Chloe Givens

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Episode 1: Introduction to The NAPLEX Podcast

This episode introduces the new series and gives practical tips that students can implement as they begin to map out their study plan for the NAPLEX. 

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Episode 25: Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

This episode outlines cystic fibrosis treatment. Listeners will review disease diagnosis, signs and symptoms, as well as treatment specific for airway clearance intermittent lung infections and chronic lung infections. 

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Episode 50: Drugs Used in Pregnancy and Lactation

This episode covers agents commonly used during pregnancy and lactation. Listeners will review the dietary/vitamin supplementation recommendations for pregnant/lactating mothers, as well as which drug therapy and OTC products need to be avoided. Treatment of select conditions in pregnancy, including morning sickness, GERD, flatulence, constipation, pain, asthma, iron deficiency, HTN, diabetes, hypo/ hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia, VTE and common infections are also discussed. 

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