What is Your Mobile Education Strategy?

The Traditional HCP Education Model is Failing

→ Declining Meeting Attendance

→ Declining Webinar Attendance

Mobile-Responsive Websites are not the Solution

→ Modern Physicians spend 5.5 Hours a Day on Phones

→ 92% of phone time is spent on Apps

Mobile Apps are Expensive and Engagement is Limited

1. Costs range from $10,000 to $500,000*

2. Typical development timelines
are 6-12 months for a public release**

3. Major organizational commitment to manage the App development process

1. App development costs can exceed $500,000

2. Users are struggling with ‘App fatigue’ & are hesitant to download new apps 

3. Research suggests users would prefer to use apps already on their device.

Partner with ConveyMED to Build Your Private Access,
Member-Only Mobile Audio Education Channel

Why Should You Create a Private Access Channel?

  • Mobile audio expands the available time busy HCP's can engage with your content
  • Your content is accessible on native apps like Apple Podcasts - no need to download another app
  • Your valuable content in mobile format becomes a powerful member benefit
  • ConveyMED partners with you to convert educational content into audio format and manage your private channel

We Make It Easy For You To Succeed

1. Defining your Mobile Audio Education Strategy

2. Creating & Managing Your Private Access Channel

3. Full Production services for new & existing content

4. Promotional support 

5. Channel launch & metrics on listener behaviors

Some of our Partners

The future of medical education is mobile. Discover how ConveyMED can help you reach the mobile generation with your expert content!

Medical Education for the Mobile Generation

Medical Education for the Mobile Generation