Medical Education for the Mobile Generation

ConveyMED makes it easy to create a mobile educational library, deliver a premium learning experience including CME, and monetize your valuable content with subscription podcasting.

A Challenge for Medical Education professionals is reaching the Mobile Generation

92% of Millennial physicians make work-life balance a priority.
177 Million American podcast listeners (Infinite Dial 2022)
Young Physicians prefer podcasts over traditional teaching methods

Slide Slide Slide On Convey, you can create a better audio educational experience for clinicians: Add charts & graphs to clinical research episodes
Enhance case studies with key images such as X-Rays or MRIs
Images deepen the audio learning experience Better Search and Discovery
All the top-rated medical podcasts
Categories better organize content
Enhanced search for medical terms
Compliant CME Inside the App Secure purchase of CME content
Multiple compliance measures
Link to your LMS for fulfillment

ConveyMED offers multiple monetization options for your content

  • In-App purchases of premium content, to include CME
  • Subscription models for premium content
  • Audio advertising on non-CME episodes
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PPN offers 1400+ Pharmacy Episodes On ConveyMED

The Convey Studio Makes it Easy!

Full Production Services for our Partners
Advanced analytics on listener behavior
Record live onsite at conferences or remotely via Zoom 

The future of medical education is mobile. Discover how ConveyMED can help you reach the mobile generation with your expert content!

Medical Education for the Mobile Generation

All the best medical podcasts. Thousands of free episodes. CME-earning content. All in one app.