The OTA podcast channel just hit 25,000 downloads!

As a healthcare marketer, 2020 was a year to forget.  We heard over and over that Brand Teams were just hunkering down and trying to salvage as much of their revenues as possible.

2021 seems to be even more confusing.  While vaccines are being distributed and new therapies are available, most medical conferences in the first half of the year are moving to virtual formats, and many physician offices and hospitals remain closed to sales reps. 

If you’re unsure how you’re going to reach these customers, particularly with a new product launch, consider advertising on ConveyMED.


If you’re a podcast listener, you’re not alone:

  • 62M Americans listen weekly.

  • These weekly listeners consume 6.5 hours of content each week

  • Demographics skew young (under 55) and well-educated


Our hypothesis at ConveyMED: physicians (particularly younger ones) are avid podcast consumers and would listen to educational podcasts – if the content came from a trusted source.  

To test that hypothesis, we created a partnership with the Orthopedic Trauma Association to create a podcast channel for their roughly 2,500 members, and launched their first episode on April 1st.  The results are astounding:

  • Their channel hit 25,000 total downloads in 9 months.

  • In December, the channel averaged over 1,000 downloads a week

  • Episodes have a “long tail” of downloads and usually end up with 800+ downloads over time.


If you’re launching a new product in 2021, consider an advertising campaign on ConveyMED to:

ACCESS: Get your message in front of the customers your reps can’t see right now and make sure it’s heard.  Not only do these channel build a large audience of loyal listeners, consumer data studies show: 

  • 90% of podcast listeners say they listen to the ads of the target Brand
  • 67% were able to name a specific product feature or promotion.

EDUCATE:  Tell your scientific story with an “Industry Symposium Technology Spotlight” episode.  Similar to lunchtime symposium at conferences, this is an opportunity for your KOL’s to provide the clinical rationale and data behind your new product.  ConveyMED can help you to gain society approval for your topic and speakers, produce your episode, and place it on the society’s channel for their members to access.

ACTIVATE: Connect your ConveyMED advertising to your digital ecosystem to feed your sales funnel.  Physicians tell us that they’re looking for low-key ways to learn more about new products.  The ConveyMED App makes it super simple to connect to your website or landing page, or signup pages for company-sponsored webinars.


We can only imagine the challenge of healthcare marketing in these times.  We would ask you to consider a campaign on the OTA and/or AOFAS channels:

  • We’ve built a large audience of your target customers on the OTA channel and are using the same playbook for the newly created AOFAS channel.
  • We have several advertising options available for you:
    • Audio ads at the beginning and midpoint of upcoming episodes.
    • Banner Ads on the ConveyMED App (coming soon).
    • Tech Spotlight episodes: these industry conference symposia are evergreen material that can help your reps tell your scientific story.


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Interested but not sure how to get started?  Never created an audio ad before?  No worries – we help you through the entire process.  We at Convey are former healthcare marketers and can help you craft a punchy audio ad, and once you get it through your review process, we have professional voice-over talent and sound engineers that will make your audio ad shine.

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