How to Monetize your Podcast Channel

In this Covid-19 era most medical societies are finding it difficult to execute on their mission of educating and engaging with their members. Many societies have listened to their (mostly younger) and started a podcast channel, for very important reasons:

  • Podcasting is the fastest growing content medium; in the US over 144M have ever listened to a podcast and over 62M listen weekly. 
  • Podcast listeners tune in to “stay up to date” and “learn something new.” 
  • They love the convenience of listening while working out, commuting, cooking, etc. 
  • Podcast demographics skew young and highly educated – like your younger physicians.

Edison Research and Triton Digital, “The Infinite Dial 2019”

However, for many societies their podcast channel has become a “labor of love,” costing them money to record, edit and publish their episodes on open platforms.  This can be particularly challenging with budgets already stretched thin this year.


A podcast channel doesn’t have to be a labor of love.  ConveyMED can help you to create several highly profitable revenue streams from your podcast channel: 

CME podcast episodes (ConveyMED App only)

The ConveyMED App is fully CME compliant: we collect physician payments for CME episodes (or bundles of episodes), administer your quiz, create an auditable CME log for you and the physician, and then we share revenues back to you.  This is a great way to repurpose and extend the life of your online content.

Audio Ads embedded into episodes (all platforms)

Convey will work on your behalf to recruit sponsors, assist them in creating short (<30 seconds) professionally produced audio ads, and embed them into your episodes on both the ConveyMD app as well as open podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify.  Convey shares those revenues with you.

Industry-sponsored symposium episodes (all platforms).

Similar to lunchtime symposia at your meetings, upon your approval of the topic and speakers, a sponsor will create a highly scientific episode with their KOL’s walking through the clinical rationale and data supporting one of their products.  Convey recruits these sponsors, assists them in the entire approval and production process, inserts the episode into your channel, and shares revenues with you.


Banner Ads (Convey App only)

Convey will recruit sponsors, help them develop Banner Ads for your channel on our App, and share those revenues with you.

That’s it: you create the content (we’ll help you as much as needed), and then we monetize that content on both open platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) as well as the ConveyMED App.


In our experience, vendors charge you fees for services regardless of your success – or failure.  We don’t want to be a vendor – we want to be your partner, and partners share in both the risk and the upside of a venture.

The Convey Partnership Philosophy: we are so confident in our model that we are willing to assume the up-front costs and then share in the revenues on the backend.  We only succeed if you succeed.

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