ConveyMED Announces Medical Podcast Partnership with Southern Medical Association

Southern Medical Association to make CME library available via Medical Podcast exclusively on the ConveyMED App.

MEMPHIS, TN, USA, September 26, 2022 / — ConveyMED, a division of Convey Pro, Inc. announced today an exclusive partnership with the Southern Medical Association (SMA). In this partnership, SMA will now offer healthcare professionals mobile access to its expansive library of continuing medical education programming in podcast format, exclusively on the ConveyMED podcast app.

“We’re thankful to Dr. Christopher Jackson for introducing us to ConveyMED. This new relationship provides us with a way to present our CME podcasts to a wider audience of clinicians in a way that is much more effective than what we had done on our own in the past. The ConveyMED leadership team made it easy for us to integrate our CME processes, and they are a lot of fun to work with. They have the podcasting processes down and understand CME. This
relationship allows us to focus on educational content developed to improve the quality of patient care which is SMA’s primary goal and mission.” – Randy Glick, Executive Director.


"This new relationship provides us with a way to present our CME podcasts to a wider audience of clinicians in a way that is much more effective than what we had done on our own in the past."

CME Southern Medicine Podcast only on ConveyMED

“We greatly admire the Southern Medicine philosophy of creating multidisciplinary, inter-professional medical education,” said Mike Donoghue, CEO of ConveyMED. “Our mission is to help SMA to reformat their high-quality CME library into mobile format for distribution beyond their membership. This greatly adds to our goal of building a world-class library of mobile, accessible CME content on our platform.”

In this partnership, SMA will convert its extensive library of Continuing Medical Education content into podcast format, leveraging the popularity of podcasting. This conversion creates a “Southern Medicine” channel on the ConveyMED App. This premium channel will include CME and non-CME medical podcasts, in addition to exclusive converted CME webinars. The goal of the partnership is to share the clinical expertise, latest science, and business of medicine content developed by SMA’s members out to the rest of the medical world.

For ConveyMED, this new channel adds to its growing library of world-class, peer-reviewed podcast medical educational programming and exclusive CME content for busy healthcare professionals who prefer the convenience and accessibility of podcasts.

About ConveyMED: ConveyMED is Medical Education for the Mobile Generation. We exist to bring educators and professional learners together on a medical podcast platform built for continuing education while providing them with the most robust podcast learning experience possible.

For more information, visit the ConveyMED website, Twitter, or LinkedIn

About the Southern Medical Association: For over 100 years, SMA has been committed to multidisciplinary, inter-professional education. We were founded in 1906 as a scientific body of physicians dedicated to fostering the art and science of medicine through education. Though medicine has changed a lot since then, our mission has remained constant.

For more information, visit the Southern Medical Association Website.

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