Free CME Podcast Series:
Strategic Approaches to Managing Menopause Issues in Your Practice

Host: Holly Thacker, MD

The Menopause Learning Podcast is an educational podcast series available in mobile format on the ConveyMED medical podcast app. 

Earn CME credits through the convenience of podcast education on sessions led by expert OBGYNs.  Learning objectives:

  1. Discuss the barriers that exist with traditional pharmacotherapy used for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, focusing on vasomotor symptoms.
  2. Examine the latest clinical trial data of emerging therapies for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms.
  3. Assess the mechanism of action, benefits, and limitations of available and emerging therapy for VMS.
  4. Integrate a holistic care model into the patient-clinician relationship during the management of menopausal symptoms.

Full List of Menopause CME Podcast Episodes

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