Why Advertise on Podcasts?

As a healthcare industry marketer, especially in the age of Covid, you are likely contemplating how you can build new product awareness with your target customers. The traditional playbook of advertising in print or digital media, hosting company sponsored webinars, and making a splash at industry conferences with an interactive booth, heavy advertising, and impactful events, is severely limited in our current climate. Salesforce access to customers and the ability of your technical sales teams to travel and engage customers locally is limited for the foreseeable future. 

An emerging opportunity to reach target customers remotely is through podcasting, the fastest growing content medium (16% YOY growth in 2019). According to Edison Research, there are:

If you look more closely at key demographics, the largest growth in podcast listenership occurred with listeners between the ages of 18-54. Furthermore, the average podcast listener tends to be highly educated and well compensated. Healthcare professionals ideally line up with these demographic patterns, especially residents, fellows and young physicians who grew up with smart phone technology.

Podcast consumption trends also suggest that physicians are an ideal audience for mobile audio content based on the following listener habits: (Edison Research: The Infinite Dial 2019)

  • 74% of podcast listeners tune in to learn something new
  • 60% tune in to stay up to date with the latest topics.
  • 64% listen in the car
  • 49% listen while walking
  • 40% listen at the gym


Based upon the data and our own experience with ConveyMED association partners, we know that physicians love this medium because they can consume top caliber content from their peers and society leaders, in a way that works well with their busy practice and lifestyle. 

Is podcast advertising effective? Let’s look at the data that exists in consumer based podcasting.

According to a study conducted by Effective Advertising, podcast listeners reported:

  1. 90% said they listened to the ads of the target brand

  2. 80% were able to name at least one brand advertised in an episode

  3. 67% were able to name a specific product feature or promotion

  4. 51% were more likely to buy from the target brand.

The other advantage of podcast advertising compared to web digital banners and print media is that you can better measure your reach. Today’s podcast platforms measure total downloads and geographic patterns which gives you more assurance that your investment in an audio ad is reaching its intended audience. As new platforms emerge, this level of data will only improve.

Lastly, you have a real opportunity to share your value proposition through the spoken word and create a more memorable pitch compared to the written word in print or digital media. At ConveyMED, we help you craft your message and then have a voice-over professional bring your story to life. When you purchase both a pre-roll (inserted at the beginning of the episode) and a mid-roll ad (inserted at the midpoint), you can create a powerful narrative that will leave a lasting imprint on the listener. Including a call-to-action and website link in the episode notes, you can leverage the power of audio advertising to move customers into your digital ecosystem and create new leads for your sales team. 

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